The Why of One Woman’s Words

It was never my intention to create another blog. I already maintain two blogs that are seriously neglected at the best of times. They require energy I don’t seem to have these days. And, frankly, I am not sure Blogs are much of a “thing” anymore. With that said, I have a good reason in creating this space.

I have carried a story around with me for the last 30+ years and due to a variety of circumstances, I decided to give it a voice. This story has quietly resided in the  shadows of my life and has not served me well.  As I see my 50th birthday on the horizon, I wish to be done with everything that occurred in the first half century of my life that caused me pain. I have done my work over the years in making peace with all of the things that I perceived as damaging or challenging. I have forgiven myself and others for any hardships I experienced as a result of my own choices or other’s actions. Yet, this one story has clung to me like tar and I have been unsuccessful in letting it go.

This story doesn’t fit on my What I Would Tell You blog or on the website that showcases my professional work. It needs to stand alone. I originally planned to post it as a guest blogger on a friend’s website but I anticipate needing more space to write about this and so this blog was born.

The thing is, we all have stories that we carry around and the act of writing it out and taking the necessary steps to shine a big bright light on it, has been remarkably cathartic and healing. I want to offer this space to other women who might want to share a story/ experience/ anything that they have not been able to shake.  One Woman’s Words is ALL of our words. I have created this space not only for me but for any woman who wishes to free herself from a story.

Stay tuned, my piece will be the first and I hope many will follow.


5 Replies to “The Why of One Woman’s Words”

  1. Looking forward to reading it Julie! I believe writing our journeys is healing and one day I too, feel as I will do the same, as there are many lessons that I have learned, am learning and will learn that I want to share with women that I had faced, feared, challenged and overcame and continue to face.

    1. By sharing our stories, we are doing something positive with whatever has unfolded in our lives. We’re also letting others know they are not alone

  2. Thank you, Julie, for creating his space and for sharing your experiences and wisdom – a vulnerable and courageous act that creates opportunities for connection and healing.

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